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This Amp Won’t Hurt Your Back, but It Might Hurt Your Jaw with Fantastic Low Frequency Sound Reproduction

Be prepared to catch your chin before it hits the floor.

Jaw-dropping. Wide-eyed. Goose bumps. Those are typical reactions when you hear the Briefcase for the first time. Or the hundredth. The one that started it all, the Briefcase delivers insane tone and volume through TWO 5” drivers.

At 30 lbs. and 100 watts, the Briefcase easily handles the low E string and can even accommodate the low B! 5-band EQ lets you dial in the proper tone and a variety of outputs allow you to practice in private, expand your sound with an extension cabinet or go direct to a mixing board. And for the ultimate in portability, it can run on 12V sealed lead acid battery! The Briefcase is great for both electric and acoustic basses.

"With the upright, the Briefcase did exactly what I desired: It enhanced my volume without detracting from the woody richness of the bass’s acoustic tone.
The Phil Jones Bass Briefcase is unlike any bass product I’ve encountered.
There are comparably priced, more powerful amps with a bit
more flexibility out there, but in terms of portability and sheer niftiness, the Briefcase is the one to beat."
Bass Player magazine. USA

Specifications for this product:

TypePractice/studio combo with battery power option,100W output,1CH,5 band EQ,limiter,Active/passive input,headphone out, DI out, pre-amp out
Size15.5 x 6.7 x 17.3 inch (H x W x D)
AccessoriesPower cord, DC cord, Allen key set,nylon cover
Poweroutput100W RMS
Net Weight30 lbs/14 kg
Volts120 or 240V AC or 12V DC
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PJB: Briefcase vs. Bass Cub by Jonathan Moody… It’s one of those problems I like having; which amp do I take to the gig? It’s usually pretty easy, and comes down to the big rig or the little one. Since October, that little rig choice has gotten harder.
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